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No Rangers Allowed

Dec 9, 2017

The villagers have awoken from their adorable puppydog-induced slumber, but danger yet threatens. Ven fulfills his destiny with explosive panache. Honeydew fulfills his with a fair bit more porcine romance. Our heroes grieve, recoup, and bask in some well-deserved accolades, but the stormcloud of Authority gathers...

Nov 19, 2017

Depths are plumbed. Tsathoggua is revealed, and is much more adorable than imagined. A reckoning with the town cult is inevitable. Can our heroes avoid slaughtering pretty much every named character they've encountered and depopulating the entire village?

Oct 28, 2017

The gang meets Grinkelstink Grumpkin, hairfancier and writer of erotic undead fanfic, as well as expert in apocrypha, burgeoning social revolutionary, and all around good guy. All clues regarding our Tsathoggua problem lead to the Ravenlocks' ostentatious burial mound. Ven's feline fixation notwithstanding, our...

Oct 21, 2017

In our inaugural episode, we prologue with our actual first session which recording was completely deleted due to gross incompetence. What follows is conversations: with a nice tea laundress, with a root vegetable-obsessed undead river sorceress, with a giant drug dealing spider grandma. We try not to kill things unless...